College Of Wilderness Knowledge


“The Eagle’s Nest”

Part of the Boy Scout Oath includes “duty to other people.” This is epitomized in doing a “Good Turn Daily.” One way of living this is to start or be part of an “Eagle’s Nest.”

There are many troops within the Northern Star Council who are vulnerable because they do not have enough leadership. Part of this is due to parents who work two jobs, don’t speak English, or are not present.

An ideal Eagle’s Nest would consist of a vulnerable or struggling troop, one or more Cub Scout packs and a Venture Crew combined with and supported by a well established troop. The goal is for the well established troop to add opportunities and stability to the “new or vulnerable” troop. The established troop can supplement the leadership and help with transportation when needed. Troop 71 of Woodbury has been working with Troop and Venture Crew 715 located at the Merrick Center on St Paul’s Ease Side. They have been attending each others meetings, holding joint camping events, and attending courses at The College of Wilderness Knowledge at the Birch Bend Campground in central Minnesota. When an established troop supports a new or vulnerable troop in these ways, it adds continuity which is needed to have scouts complete the trail to Eagle and enable these new troops to be successful.

The Eagle’s Nest program recently became aware of three newly chartered units (a troop, pack and Venture Crew) which need immediate help with finding cook kits, sleeping bags and tents so they can begin camping and working on their advancement at their campout in October. to borrow for their first campout in October.

If you are interested in helping a unit or just want to learn more about this worthwhile program, stop by the Eagle’s Nest or College of Wilderness tables at the University of Scouting or contact Bob Nelson at 651-735-4089 or Andy Goke, Scout Reach Director at 763-231-7231.