College Of Wilderness Knowledge

College of Wilderness Knowledge
2019 Tentative Course Schedule
Please contact Jean Keller or the website calendar for updates and changes

Weekend Camp Host Course Offered
April 13th University of Scouting
April 12th - 14th Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Science
April 21st EASTER
April 26th - 28th Orienteering
May 3rd - 5th Geocaching
Indian Lore
Bird Study
May 10th - 12th Forestry
Indian Lore
Ripley Rendevous
May 24th - 27th Memorial Day Weekend
May 31st - June 2nd Archery
Emergency Preparedness
June 7th - 9th Archaeology
Wilderness Survival
Soil and Water Conservation
June 14th - 16th Insect Study
June 21st - 23rd Indian Lore
Fly Fishing or Fishing
July 19th - 21st Woodworking
August 16th - 18th Photography
Wilderness Survival
Ojibway Pow Wow
August 30th - 31st Astronomy
Indian Lore
September 20th - 22nd Archery
Indian Lore
Wilderness Survival
September 27th - 29th Orienteering
Indian Lore
October 4th - 6th Emergency Preparedness
October 11th - 13th Cooking
Wilderness Survival
October 18th - 20th Wilderness Survival

To make a reservation request an additional date or additonal course
Please contact Jean Keller @ 612-910-5838
Darrell Charboneau @ 651-274-2584
for information or reservations or check the website at